ReDBox Support

ReDBox is Open Source

QCIF is proud to say that the ReDBox and Mint platforms are both Open Source software, making them freely available for anyone to download, install and use. This means that while QCIF manages the development of these platforms, we keep everything as transparent as possible. We rely upon the interaction of our community to prioritise new features and participate in the development and testing of the release cycles. It also means that any development performed for a specific client will be contributed back to the code base to the benefit of all (see Project Services).

Community Support

The ReDBox and Mint systems are both open-source and you are free to download and install the systems as you please.

Community support is available through:

QCIF Support Agreements

QCIF provides support to institutions and organisations who implement ReDBox or utilises ReDBox Lite through an annual support arrangement. For a small annual fee QCIF will provide:

Project Services

Behind ReDBox development is QCIF Engineering Services, a team of Software Engineering professionals who provide a comprehensive range of software development and integration services to ReDBox clients, QCIF’s member universities, national research institutions, government and industry.

QCIF Engineering Services can provide project services to develop, test and implement ReDBox customisations and integrations according to the requirements of your organisation. We are a process oriented team with significant domain knowledge in research administration, metadata services and data management. Our team has extensive experience in Project Management and Business Analysis. We are experts in multiple software and web development languages and platforms.

QCIF Engineering Services can rapidly scope and cost a client project. We utilise the Agile methodology to deliver project outcomes that meet expectations of quality, time and budget.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss ReDBox, our support options or our project services please contact us via our Contact Page or email us at [email protected].