About ReDBox


ReDBox is an open source Research Data Management platform that assists researchers and institutions to plan, create and publish their research data assets. ReDBox is one of the most popular research data management tools in Australia. It is currently in use across 12 Australian universities. ReDBox supports the Australian research community to describe and share information about research data collections. It assists data custodians in meeting institutional data management policies, applying the requirements of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, and publishing to Research Data Australia (RDA), the national research data discovery system maintained by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS).

The Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF) leads the ReDBox development initiative and provides several services including a support subscription service to institutions.

ReDBox features include:

ReDBox benefits include:

ReDBox Collections Management

At its core ReDBox is a customisable research data registry, providing forms, workflows and system integrations to assist institutions in creating and managing the metadata describing research data collections. It includes the innovative Mint platform to provide a lookup service for researcher information and project details, as well as commonly used research classifications, such as FOR codes. ReDBox supports a variety of metadata formats and provides an OAI-PMH interface for metadata harvesting by repositories including Research Data Australia.


The ReDBox Research Data Management Planning (RDMP) tool is integrated into the core ReDBox offering. The RDMP tool allows researchers to document how they plan to collect, store, secure and share their research data. Research data management planning is now encouraged in all Australian Universities and ReDBox provides customisable forms and workflows to assist researchers, supervisors and administrators in creating, tracking and approving DMPs.

ReDBox Lite

ReDBox Lite is a simplified metadata management version of ReDBox. It supports standardized metadata record types, and has reduced scope for integration with other systems. It does not require advanced administration techniques or application programming skills. ReDBox Lite assists research institutions and communities to meet their metadata management requirements.

QCIF offers ReDBox Lite as a fully hosted Managed Service, providing a cost effective, fuss free alternative to installing and maintaining your own infrastructure. We can host ReDBox Lite on our QRIScloud infrastructure or on public cloud infrastructure.


The Mint is a name-authority and vocabulary service that complements ReDBox.

Mint provides services for uploading name authority information and an index system for making this data easily available to web-based user interfaces (such as ReDBox). For example Mint would be loaded with data such as Field of Research codes and Socio Economic Outcomes codes. Or it can be integrated with institutional sources of truth such as staff directories or Research Office systems managing grant information, etc. Mint then supports populating ReDBox form lookups and search fields.