Research Planning With ReDBox

Photo by Patrick Lindenberg on Unsplash


The ReDBox Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) tool is integrated into the core ReDBox offering. The RDMP tool allows researchers to document how they plan to collect, store, secure and share their research data. Research data management planning is now encouraged in all Australian Universities and ReDBox provides customisable forms and workflows to assist researchers, supervisors and administrators in creating, tracking and approving RDMPs.

As discussed in ReDBox DLC RAiDs are now supported in the DMP Tool in ReDBox 1.9, allowing users to add existing RAiDs to a data management plan or mint new RAiDs. In ReDBox 2.0 the RAiD will be a key identifier to tie together the data management plan, the provisioned storage and the published data collection.

Also with ReDBox 2.0 QCIF are using a new web development framework that will allow QCIF to move beyond hosting individual ReDBox Lite instances to providing the full ReDBox functionality in the Cloud using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The Research Activity Portal can already be extended to provide the Data Management Planning Tool for institutions.

Get in touch with the ReDBox team to find out how easily our RDMP tool can be adapted to the needs of your institution. Email us at [email protected]